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In time immemorial, a meteorite fell from the heavens and smashed upon the body of Scotland. The historic peoples inhabiting the land claimed it and revered it, believing it bestowed the power of the gods upon them.

In time, a secret society formed around this intergalactic rock, and they broke it, and forged it for their own uses. They call themselves ‘The Ink Dwellers’, a cabal of tattooists whose line is unbroken from the historic peoples, working the power of the gods into their craft and into the skin of their chosen peoples with their crafted materials, The Tendrils of Xe’ra, the cosmic tattoo needles.

Joining us at Owlcat is the newest apostle to hold these needles, Sooz! If you are lucky to be tattooed by her then the divine will be in your skin forever.

Now be sure to please the gods, and check out her work!

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Live long and prosper.