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A Time for Generous Givings.

Charity Appeal.

We got a call from Make Them Smile (website: http://makethemsmile.org.uk/index.html)
 at the end of last week asking if we could do a charity fundraiser for a little lass called Alicia.

We pride ourselves on being caring citizens of the community and although we know it's a time of year that is a bit expensive, if anyone could donate a little to this cause it would be ever so appreciated.
We have only been asked to raise £50, so really, any little donation helps.

To sweeten the incentive from you, any donation over £2.00 will be entered into a draw to win a £40 voucher with us.
We have until the 13th of November to raise for this, so either nip in past, or mail me at kev@owlcattattoo.com to arrange a Paypal donation.

Here is the information from Make Them Smile.

One of our current appeals is Alicia who has severe brain damage, is registered blind and unable to sit, walk or talk. Her family readily admits life is anything but easy. The day-to-day struggles they face are worth it every time Alicia smiles or reaches out to touch one of them.

Alicia contracted Cytomegalovirus as a baby and recently underwent a 10 hour life threatening operation on her spine to save her lungs crushing from scoliosis. During the operation she had to have metal rods inserted into her back, which caused her sleep positioning to dramatically change which makes the bed she currently uses insufficient for her needs. We are desperately trying to raise the funds to purchase a new profile specialised bed which will help keep Alicia in a more beneficial posture. The family also needs an H tracking ceiling hoist to help Alicia in and out of bed, because of her age her family members can no longer lift her with her retaining dignity. Alicia has an incredible amount of medical equipment in her bedroom so we wish to supply a bedside surround to help conceal and keep her room accessible.

Alicia’s sister Sam said “exceeding the doctor’s first assumption that Alicia would not make four months we take each day as it comes.

We estimate that we will need to raise £5000 to complete this project which I am sure you will agree is a small price in comparison to how much more comfortable we can make Alicia’s life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Kev and JIm,

Live long and prosper.