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Jim's Surreal Day with Nathan.

Content Warning: Man-Butt on Show

We had Nathan in the other day. You know him yeah? A bit of a socialite, pierces at Sailor Max, all-round dude? Aye, you do.
I got a nice shiny new camera lens to play with as well, so what better to do than another blog documenting the day.

So when Jim got into the studio he asked me to get a photo of Nathan when he comes in and manipulate it to look like he had been down the coal mines.... Uh, ok. Sure. No worries. No weirder than some of his other requests... :)

We get a photo and then Jim gets to work finalising the design while Nathan sits tranquil, and I go to my somewhat bizarre task.

Uh. Job done. I still have no idea why I need to do this. Jim is an enigma wrapped in a paradox.

The thousand yard state of a man forced to dig coal from age 8-26. A rare survivor of those dark days.

The thousand yard state of a man forced to dig coal from age 8-26. A rare survivor of those dark days.

Ah. When I see the design it makes a bit more sense now.
I'll try to sum it up, but it's a bit of an abstract concept.
It's a cross section of the earth, with a village at the top, going down levels of soil, (dinosaur bones to come) with a miners lamp radiating at the centre, and at the base we have the dark eyes of our miner. The whole frame of the image is a canaries cage, used in the mines to detect dangerous levels of gasses which would kill the poor little bugger before it did the miners.

Reminds me a little of old classic science fiction works.

So lets get to work then! ... Not long after the buzz of the needle started, so did the bizarre noises of pain bellowing through the hallway.
Note to anyone reading: lower back and ass hurts getting tattooed. A lot.

After a tough blast of pain, we decide to stop for lunch and Nathan went to grab some numbing spray for the second half of the session. Jim adds a bit more detail to the sketch before we get back to it. (This is a better reflection of being a tattoo artist than Miami Ink or Tattoo Fixers any day.) It can be a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Note: The spray did not work in the slightest, although it did smell a bit of menthol and it did start to numb Jim's fingertips.)

So the days session ended a bit earlier than planned, but here's the progress on day one. There will be Dr. Numb used next time I hear and we hope to get it finished!

Butt-Session 001

Butt-Session 001

AND the eyes didn't even get put in today! All my hard work in the morning for naught!

Off for pints after the hard graft.

Now off for some well earned pints. I wonder easily Nathan can sit down today...

I hope you enjoyed my tale, it certainly kept a Monday entertaining.


Live long and prosper.