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Harry Boddice Illustrator

Harry has quickly been welcomed as a friend of Owlcat with his wealth of knowledge, both of the art world and... everything else it seems!

He is not a tattoo artist, but a lover of all mediums and showcasing his work is a pleasure. His only goal is to get by making art in whatever way possible while retaining his creative spark. Harry is a great example of the kind of relationship we have with our clients. We would love to welcome more artists under the banner of the Owlcat Artist Collective, even if it's just having friends on our page here.

In his own words:
"Harry is an autodidact artist working in multiple traditional media. Only recently coming into his own as an artist, he tries to produce artwork that is a digestion and reframing of his influences and passions.
In short, he makes art because he can't not, and he paints whatever he likes.

Check out his facebook page below if you like the look of his work!

Live long and prosper.